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ering an output of 20 to 23 L/min, the compressor offers optimum performance for most jobs. The 3L air tank is designed to offer zero pulsation and deliver a smooth air flow for an even and precise application. Packed with safety features, the compressor is well insulated and thermally protected. The compressor works almost soundlessly and weighs only 5.2 Kg, making it extremely easy to carry and work with. ????? Lightweight and Portable????? Air Tank provides smooth air flow and zero pulsation????? Auto Start/Stop Function????? Thermally protected to prevent overload or overheat????? Piston Type with Oil-free and Non-air-contaminated Design????? Low Noise Level: 47db????? Weight: 5.2kg????? Power Cord Length: 183cm????? Type Single Cylinder Piston????? Power: 1/6 HP????? Speed: 1450/1700 rpm????? Air Output per min./litres: 20~23L/min????? Auto Stop, Start at 3bar (43psi), stop at 4bar (57psi)????? Pressure Adjust Range: 0~4bar????? Suitable for airbrush: 0.1mm to 1.0mm????? Connections: with 1/8" BSP????? Dimension :...