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No more trying to lift heavy things the hard way, this 500KG Electric Hoist will definitely make your life easier.It is ideal for the garage, warehouse and other commercial applications. You can bolt the hoist to an overhead beam to make short work of any lifting jobs and is perfect for suspending heavy loads without compromising the health of your back. Packed with impressive features, you can be assured of your health and safety.This is the fully featured lifting solution you have been looking for. Get one of these for your workshop and make your life a breeze.Features* CE certification approved* Premium copper motor* Single rope 250kg capacity* Double rope 500kg capacity* Lifting speed: single rope 10 metres/min, double rope 5 metres/min* AC 240V/50Hz * Input power: 1020W * Lifting height: single rope 12m, double rope 6m* Weight: 11kg* Powered by lateral-magnetic* Single-phase capacitance motor* Emergency instant stop switch* Single...