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The Backyard Chicken Coop is a luxurious house for your chooks featuring modern design and high practicability. Made of fir wood, it provides a quiet environment for your chickens to have a good night sleep. The locks in the front also keep them away from the predators. The off-the-ground design will keep your chickens warm and dry even in the unpleasant weather. The asphalt felt roof also insulates your pets from the strong heat during summer and against the rain. Other features include two perches to sleep on, open top nesting box for eggs collection, and slide out tray for easy cleaning. The Backyard Chicken Coop has a modern design which will seamlessly blend with your garden decor. Features• Strong fir wood construction• Asphalt felt roof • Open top nesting box • Slide out tray for easy cleaning• 2 perches to sleep on• Raised floor to maintain warmth and dryness•...

With Fir wood construction, this spacious pet cage has two integrated run with open floor which allows your lovely little pet grazing and running on the field, and ensure your baby can have enough exercise every moment. Two levels are linked with a robust and non-slip ramp access.The bedroom is look like a penthouse with two separate rooms. One is sleeping room and the other one is nesting room. Both rooms are separated from its playing area by a sliding door and are fully enclosed by the Fir Wood. The sliding door design allows you to keep your baby in either floor and for easy cleaning. There are two removable and curve perches in the bedroom which is specially designed for chicken. This is because the chicken cannot stand on a flat surface for a long time. The curve design also lets the chicken stand more comfortable. The Nesting room...

A perfect home for your beloved rabbit as well as guinea pigs and other small animals. Giving them a covered home for privacy and a run for room to play and run. It's a secure environment that makes them feel safe and happy at all times. Built with chew-proof and weather proof metal frame, you can be rest assured that this is a long lasting home for your little pets. Equipped with secure locks and small-spaced wires, you don't have to worry an escaping pet. Designed with two wide entrance that allows you to take them out easily or pat them while they're inside. An open roof for the hutch to refill food and water anytime. It's made for the convenience of the owner too.FEATURESHutch and run in oneComfy for little petsWeather proof frame-durable and chew proof metal frameLift up open roof for easy feedingTwo wide secure entrance Secure locks...

Features:-- Water proof treatment-- 100% safe for small animals-- Galvanized wire mesh keeps your pet safe from snake and rat -- Double doors for easy cleaning and access.-- Able to be moved around the yard easily.-- Flat pack in box, requires simple assembly -- You DON'T need to be professional to build it! Overall Dimension :117cm(W)x50cm(D)x45cm(H)

If you have brought the pet home, you have the responsibility to provide them a decent living environment and this Two Storey Flat Top Pet Hutch will not disappoint you. Featuring the generously size with mesh covered, the run comes with two access doors with locks to keep your pet in and safe from the predators. The upper features an enclosed bedroom for some privacy, yet, you can visit your pet from the front access door; and the next door is equipped with a foldable ramp to limit the movement. The Two Storey Flat Top Pet Hutch is covered by a green asphalt roof protecting your little one from the sun and the rain to ensure a comfortable environment. Features• Fir wood construction • 2 storey• Spacious area • Green asphalt roof with two hinged lids• Fully enclosed bedroom• Mesh covered windows• 3 access doors with locks• Built-in non-slip ramp•...

Auction is for a Wooden rabbit house Main Features: - Galvanized wire mesh - Asphalt waterproof roof - Fully enclosed sleeping area - Pull-out tray- Over all size:1800l*620d*720h cm- Strong wire mesh keep pets from predators- Flat pack in box, assembly required- You DON'T need to be professional to build it!- Material / paint: Fir Wood, eco-friendly painting.