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Available from 25th Dec
Rowing Machine with Elastic-rope System - PR2817Display: time,scan,count,total count,cal,count/minBrake system: Elastic RopeGuide rail: steelTension controller: 4 level manualFolding frameWheels for easy transportation   Please click here for the assembly instructions

Available from 25th Dec
PR66656611Simple but satisfying. Our Protrain Magnetic Flywheel Rowing Machine, utilizing a magnetic brake system, targets all the major muscle groups for well-toned abs, back and legs. Simply select the workouts you desire, with up to 8 levels of manual resistance, and monitor the progress on the large LCD display console. This fitness machine is just perfect for home fitness routines with its quiet operation and super sturdy frame.Featuring anti-slip footrests with adjustable foot straps to ensure secure smooth glides, the Rowing Machine also has a moulded seat for comfort while burning up the calories. With a weight capacity of up to 150kg,the Rowing Machine is no push over in terms of strength and durability. And when the huffing and puffing is done, simply fold it and store till the next session. Go for it with the Protrain Magnetic Flywheel Rowing Machine today!Features:Magnetic brake systemQuiet operation8 levels of manual resistanceBig LCD...

Available from 25th Dec
Rowing Machine with Air Resistance System - PR66615If working out is your favourite thing to do, then this PROTRAIN Rowing Machine is just the thing for you. Featuring eight resistance levels utilizing an air resistance system, this rowing machine is ideal for working large muscle groups at your back, legs, arms and abs as well as providing great cardios at the same time. The wheel glide rail system is made of durable steel while the moulded seat and adjustable footrest lets you work out safely and comfortably. You can easily check on your workout rate with the large LCD display to ensure desired results at the right pace. With a weight capacity of 150kg, any gym junkie can use this PROTRAIN Rowing Machine to his or her body’s content both day and night (it works very silently) without stirring up the neighbour.Features:Air resistance systemEight resistance levelsQuiet operationBig LCD displayWheel glide rail...