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A clear barrel leaves nothing in between you and your target. And with this Trigear gun-cleaning kit, you will really hit the mark. Featuring all the tools needed for pistols as well as for long-barrelled shotguns and rifles, it's the sure-fire solution for all shooters. • Two rod sets for long barrels• Universal handle for pistols• 10x anti-scratching brushes• 5x dust-free cleaning mops• Foam-padded wooden case with flip lock• Compatible with most calibresYou got price discount if you are purchasing gun safe from our store.

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Storing guns in your house is critical for safety, especially if you have children. The heavy duty 8 gun/rifle locker is the perfect solution to store your firearm. The solid steel construction combined with a cutting edge 5 way locking system satisfies all safety requirements. A master serial coded key open the main compartment. To ensure that your firearms are stored correctly, the cabinet features a red velvet base and pre-drilled holes.Features• 5-way locking system• Dual locking capability -locks with electronic keypad & key• Internal locking compartment• Red velvet base• Heavy duty solid steel construction• Chrome door handle• 8 pre-drilled holes• Dimension: 40cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 145cm(H)• A Category (sporting rifles only)** Product Content• 1 x Gun Safe• 2 x Unique Serial Coded Keys• 2 x Separate Compartment Keys• 4 x Expanding NutsWhen you buy this gun safe, you could get a universal trigger lock for $10 each (normal...

Trigger Lock with KeysWhen we keep firearms at home, there are precautions that we must take. A safe is important to store the gun, but a trigger lock will secure the weapon so that it will not get fired accidentally while it is being moved.When choosing from a selection of locks on the market, you must ensure your trigger lock only has a simple design and a well finished construction to ensure it can be used easily and without complications. After all, why mess around when it comes to a gun trigger?In addition to these 2 advantages, our great value price is a bonus you cannot ignore