Our Commitment

At TSB Living we are committed to the future. As a company and individuals we are doing what we can to make our business as sustainable as possible. We're working with the experienced consultants at ESGRI (Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Intelligence) based in Sydney, to drive on specific goals, scale our actions and make measurable progress. We have to date made some progress on the 4 pillars which are highlighted below. Our commitment to sustainable practices are being embedded in our day-to-day operations. We are constantly including environmental, social and governance values into our decision making and bringing about a culture of change whereby everybody in the business takes pride in their actions which are very closely aligned with the values of our company.

Our Four Pillars


TSB Living is deeply committed to sustainability, engaging consultants to develop structured plans and sourcing materials responsibly to reduce their carbon footprint. We are actively converting fleets to electric vehicles, installing energy-efficient LED lights, and exploring the integration of solar panels for clean energy. Additionally, we’re dedicated to sustainable packaging strategies, aiming to eliminate plastics and reduce environmental impact. Most of our wooden product have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council Cert), while bedding product have STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.


TSB Living prioritises recycling efforts across their operations. We manage waste through robust recycling programs and offer services for customer recycling, promoting responsible waste management practices. Partnering with companies like Green Gorilla, we are committed to recovering and repurposing waste, contributing to community support and environmental sustainability. We encourage customers to bring the packaging from their purchases back to us to be properly recycled


TSB Living values diversity and inclusion in its workforce, fostering a culture of empowerment and inclusive decision-making. We maintain a gender-balanced ratio and provide inclusive opportunities for young workers and managers, demonstrating a commitment to nurturing talent from varied backgrounds. Our dedication to diversity enriches their teams and drives innovation.


TSB Living upholds principles of equality throughout our operations. They ensure compliance with labour laws and promote equal pay for all employees. Additionally, we foster a supportive environment for employees facing challenges, providing resources for continuous development and growth. Our commitment to equality strengthens our workplace culture and contributes to a thriving, inclusive community.

Future Projects