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This auction is for a brand new Lexpa Step and Twist with Power Bands and Digital DisplayPlease note that this product is a full size unit not a mini version as advertised by other Trademe sellers for a lower priceThis product was contracted to a TV Shopping channel with a sale price of $109.00, now reduced to $89.00 for quick clearanceLexpa - Step and Twist - Low impact exercise with high impact results Twist Lateral Stepper from Body Sculpture with resistance bungee cords. The vertical and lateral stepping motion action helps tone the waist, legs, thigh and buttocks, using the bungee cords as well will help tone the upper body mucles, giving a great aerobic workout.The Twist stepper Ideal for shaping and toning legs including inner and outer thighs, buttocks, calves, as well as your absTwisting, side-to-side motion engages abs to give a much more complete workoutIncludes power bands, which...