Designed to save you enormous time, the 12V DC Diesel & Oil Transfer Pump is the best tool for domestic and commercial use. It is designed to work for you and save you heaps of time! Equipped with a powerful 12V DC pump, it is extremely portable without compromising performance. Featuring high performance pump nozzle fitted with a trigger lock and auto-out, be assured of precise pumping with no drama. The mounting base allows for permanent installation if required, or simply make use of its portability.*****Warning: This pump is design for handling diesel, oil and water only. It is not recommended to be used for petrol or flammable liquids.*****Features*High Flow Rate of 40L/min*Powerful 12V DC Motor*Nozzle: Auto Cut-out Trigger*Quick trigger lock*Free Hoses and Filter Kit*Commercial Grade Hose

PR1501 - YOU ARE BIDDING FOR A BRAND NEW FOOT PUMPThis portable, handy and easy to use foot pump is suitable for inflating yoga balls, balloons and air mattresses.Made of high quality material which is durable for use and comes with 4 gas nozzles suitable for a variety of inflatable items. You will definitely be ready for summer outings in the beach with this in tow!

Enjoy an instant hot water shower with this outdoor gas water heater while you on your outdoor trip. Easy to install, this THERMO MATE gas water heater can heat up to 480L of water per hour which is ample enough to have a shower, wash the dishes or even clean the dog. Featuring a visible LED digital display and built-in 45 degree smart thermostat device, you can read the real-time temperature, adjust the temperature at your preferred degree and avoid scalding. Better still, the shower head enables you to set your desired flow pattern for an awesome wet time. It is simple to install and water pressure is provided by the 12V water pump. Weighing about 6kg, create a comfortable and convenient outdoor experience for you and your family with this lightweight water heater.IMPORTANT NOTE: For safety, please read all the instructions for proper installation and use carefully. IT MUST...

This 1200W swimming pool pump represents one of our most advanced models yet producing a prodigious flow rate of 27,000L/hour (450L/min).the Professional 1200W is designed and built to last. Using corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium alloy to protect the motor housing and chemical-resistant thermoplastic to constitute the filter and cartridge tank bodies, the Professional 1200W is both tough and durable. Additionally, coupled with its ability to cycle through and clean the average sized swimming pool in less than 3 hours, the Professional 1200W is also extremely efficient and hard-working.With its inbuilt filtration basked designed to capture and prevent fine debris from entering the pump, the Professional 1200W will keep your swimming pool waters clean and clear for many endless summers to come.Features*Suitable for pools up to 70,000 litres*Corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium alloy motor housing*Chemical-resistant thermoplastic filter cartridge tank body*Tough durable construction for longer lasting life*Removable lint and hair trap/...