Featuring a 2-way manifold gauge kit that is designed to diagnose air conditioning system by reading high & low pressures using aluminium alloy testing manifolds. The 2-way manifold refrigeration gauge is a great diagnostic tool set. It is ideal for refrigerant testing, charging and evacuation, it can be used on all car A/C, commercial and domestic A/C refrigeration systems. Comes with 3 fluoride-resistant charging hoses with knurled fittings and a pair of high & low R134a couplers for automotive use.Air-conditioning plumbing kitGreat diagnostic tools2-way efficient pressure gaugesComes with 3 charging hosesComes with a pair of high & low R134a couplers for automotive useManifold material: Aluminium alloy

Featuring an all in one radiator pressure tester with 12 anodised aluminium cap adaptors that is suitable for most of the major car brands from Europe, Japan and the United States. The radiator pressure tester is the quick and accurate way to tell instantly if a cooling system or radiator cap is defective. Special design of vacuum purge and refill tool connection fits nearly all type of radiator opening. Pressure testing pump with 0-35 PSI gauge and a 60cm hose. Comes with a durable carry case for easy transportation and storageSet includes:1 x Carry case included1 x Pressure testing pump with gauge1 x Temperature gauge12 x Aluminium adapters1. GM (CADILLAC)2. Mercedes, GM (Buick), Jeep3. Peugeot, Subaru, Chrysler, Acura, GM (Nova, Spectrum, Sprint), Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Infiniti, GEO, Suzuki, Isuzu, Mercedes4. Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Acura5. Mercedes (ML-class), GM (achiva, skylark, gramd am-1992-2002) vehicles6. Volvo, SAAB, Sterling, Citroen, Renault,...

Featuring a diesel engine compression tester kit that is designed to identify worn vales and piston rings. Easy to read gauge providing accurate measurements for each cylinder pressure; with a maximum pressure of 70Bar or 1000PSI. Quick release pull down coupler for a quick change between hoses and adapters. Comes with adaptors that suit most diesel cars, trucks and tractors.17pcs diesel engine compression testerEasy to read gauge w/ accurate measurementsQuick release push button valveFittings for replacing injectors and glow plugsCompact design; instant resultGauge PSI: 0-1000Glow plug adapter size: M10x1.0x 83, 91, 102, 113 & 119mm / M10x1.25x 64 & 135mm / M12x1.25x47mm / M22x1.5x118mmInjector adapter size: M20x1.5x75mm / M22x1.5x73mm / M24 x1.5x88mm / M24x2.0x63mm

Featuring premium quality brass made testing adapters with easy to read gauge and top quality NPT fittings, this engine compression tester is ideal for diagnosing and repairing problems of petrol engine motorcycles and automotive vehicles. Comes with a variety of thread (adapter) sizes to suit different nozzle attachments and comes with 2 pressure tubes with rubber for quick measurements. 9pcs engine compression testerQuality brass engine testerCompact design; instant resultComes with 2 pressure tubes with rubber nozzlesSuitable for petrol engine motorcycles and automotive vehiclesGauge PSI: 0-300Adapter size: M18x1.5mm / M14x1.25mm / M12x1.25mm / M10x1.0mm