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Inflatable SUP

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If you love the outdoors, you’ll love the our Wavez Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. At slightly over 11 feet long, the Paddle Board easily fits both paddler and passenger for hours of maximum enjoyment: cruising along rivers, lakes and waterways, riding the surfs or even venturing out on fishing expeditions.The SUP comes complete with all the quality gear you need to hit the water; a aluminum paddle, hand pump with pressure gauge, valve wrench, repair kit, and a backpack. you can bring the SUP just about anywhere you want to go for your water adventures.Made from a durable 15cm thick drop-stitch material which ensures responsive handling, and is so rigid it can support up to 130kg. As such, the Board has more weight to provide better balance for the users.There’s simply no better way to be active, keep fit, and build core strength at the same time!Features:* Classic long...

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