Super King Mattresses

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Length is 203cmWidth 183cmThickness 26cmPillow top 5cm (apprx 5cm)Firmness: soft to mediumPocket Spring Foam Pillow Top Mattress. Top end, Quality mattress selling at over $999.00 genuinely at large retailers, so you can be assured your getting a comfortable sleep at the lowest price possible.Impressing the most discerning shoppers, It has everything you can ask for a luxury mattress. Pamper you and your family with this firm and elegant mattress that gives you a soothing sleep night after night.Incorporating the cutting-edge technology, the lavish construction of the mattress addresses a quilting layer on top with latex foam, pocket spring in the middle, and another quilting layer at the bottom.Latex Support Layer, Pillow Top Layer, and High Density Foam conform to every curve and contour of your body, significantly reducing muscle and joint pressure.The 6 Turn Coil System ensures you have the correct sleeping posture to enhance spinal support for proper back...

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Listing for brand new 100% Natural Ellezza latex topper with 2 free latex pillows These toppers are 5cm thick which is considered extra thick and come with coversBenefits and product specs - Ellezza's 100% natural later topper is made from pure sap of the rubber tree in SE Asia, not from chemical or gas- Outstanding not only for non-allergenic, anti bacterial, dust & fibre free, but also for peaceful, cool and comfortable sleep. - People with dust mite allergies are relieved to find this mattress topper material that is naturally resistant to these tiny insects- Superior air circulation- Our design promoting wrap around air flow ensures even humidity and heat distribution, meaning no heat traps or moisture build up. - This latex topper is excellent in variable climates, warm in winter and cool in summer - Excellent life span- Pure latex lasts a long time. it maintains it's density and...